Ralph MillerHi! I’m Ralph…

My best friend in Kindergarten thought I’d grow up to become a priest (I thought so too).  When I was young, my parents would wake me up in the morning to find me kneeling against my bed in a prayer position. My father was a carpenter but the similarities stop there…

I’ve faced many of the same problems and difficulties that others face: anger, sadness, depression, addiction, lust, intolerance, lack of self-worth, to name a few (there are more).

No one comes to God perfect. In our brokenness, we learn to seek God as the only one who can heal us. I hope my story encourages you to become fearless in your pursuit of the Truth.

Here is my story:

Part 1: My Promise to God

Part 2: God Answers My Prayer

Part 3: My First Experience With Meditation

Part 4: God is Love

Part 5: A Visit From Christ

Part 6: Christ Appears in a Vision

Part 7: God Demands Payment

Part 8: Who Am I Lord?