After my first experience of meditation and my experience at the grocery store, I continued to increase my devotion toward Christ, and to the level I was capable, listen to and implement this new understanding He was providing.

A big turning point in my experience of meditation happened when Christ appeared to me in a vision. When I saw him, he was crying, and I asked him, “Lord, why are you crying?”

He told me that so many terrible things had been done in the name of his religion, so many wars and people killed, so many people preaching hate, when all he had ever taught was love.

He told me that if I wanted to be His true disciple, I must do two things: I must love God with all my heart and I must love my neighbor as myself.

Experiences like these continued to increase my love for the practice of meditation. I found myself practicing meditation and then trying to carrying it out into my daily life. And all the while, Christ was right there with me, revealing to me the truth of my own experience, and guiding me in how to live, and how to reshape my thoughts, words, and actions to live in alignment with God and be healed.

The more I meditated, and devoted myself to the practice, the more God would reveal Himself to me in strange and mysterious ways in my everyday life. And the more I meditated and contemplated Christ’s teachings, the more I became whole. And I remember the very day I was fully healed. I literally felt the illness leave my body (in meditation) and I have never been ill like I was since.

And God held me to my original promise. But it wasn’t anything like I imagined it to be…

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