When I first set out to do this work I was so insecure about what I was going to share. I thought to myself: who am I to share this message? I saw myself struggling my entire life with anger, fear, lust, depression, addiction, and generally not doing such a good job at devoting my life to God.

For example, I remember this one moment where my three kids weren’t doing what I was asking them to do and I threw an adult tantrum, yelling and melting down. And I remember thinking to myself, ‘How can I teach people love when this is my experience?’

Later, I meditated and contemplated that experience. And I asked God that very question, and the answer He gave was that that was exactly the reason why I had to teach this, because no one comes to love in a perfect state. In fact, we all come to God broken in one way or another.

I sure felt broken.

But I came to realize that we can’t wait until we’re perfect to start practicing love — we come to the work as we are.

That is what I did…
That is what I do…
And that is what I hope you’ll choose to do too.

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