Don’t Waste Your Time

Why waste your time reading Poems like this one? Why not close your eyes and Weave your own instead?

The Guest House by Rumi

In my early 20s, struggling with my own ‘house guests’ including sorrow, anger, depression, being mean to others, dark thoughts, and shame, I came across this poem by Rumi. He speaks so truly to the human condition and I found great wisdom in his poetry and could sense something amazing beneath the surface of his […]

All the Lovers of God

All the lovers of God Can fill a stadium with roaring noise Or empty their hearts into silence. How do you call yourself? Are you a true lover? Raise your voice, dear friend! Silently sing the praises of the One Who lives within you, Acts through you, And speaks through you. Our hands are Christ’s […]

Poem: This Heart

This heart loves You, oh Lord. It is filled with gratitude For the many blessings You have bestowed. I’m making all the space in this heart for You to reside. This heart loves You, oh Lord. Filled with happiness and joy At the thousand ways You touch my heart and soul. I’m making all the […]