Why is Meditation Important?

Little girl meditates with hands folded in prayer

Today I’m going to answer the question: why is meditation so important?  Before I answer that question, I want you to think to yourself: why is meditation important to me? Maybe you’re just starting to get interested in meditation…you’re doing some exploration…you’re trying to find out more about it, and you want to know why […]

Does Sin Hinder Our Spiritual Growth?

A young man told me today that he felt his sin was holding him back from making spiritual progress. Do you believe your sin is holding you back? Many people draw a line in the sand, separating themselves from sin, pushing it away, doing battle with it. I shared that in my 20s, I used […]

What is the Greatest Hindrance to Spiritual Growth?

Everyone is growing spiritually. We all do it at different rates at different times in our lives.

Something that’s a real challenge for me may seem trivial to you, and vice versa.

Therefore, in order to support each other fully, we must strive toward a state of non-judgement about the growth of others, and ourselves. We must remain free from expectations, for others and ourselves.