Two shadows of a person and a person with horns
Shadows by aNdrzej cH. used under CC license.

A young man told me today that he felt his sin was holding him back from making spiritual progress.

Do you believe your sin is holding you back?

Many people draw a line in the sand, separating themselves from sin, pushing it away, doing battle with it.

I shared that in my 20s, I used to have great battles with my sin. The surprising thing was, I never made headway. Sin was a relentless and tireless enemy. No matter how skillfully I fought, sin was always the victor.

But today, at the age of 41, I don’t fight with sin anymore. In fact, I celebrate it and offer it my gratitude. I meet every guest at the door laughing, and welcome each as a guide from beyond. I look back on my life and see sin as a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth. God used my sin to draw me closer to Him. Allow me explain…

If I had not lived a sinful life, I would have never sought God with the urgency and necessity that I have. My sin was like a fire and I was in the hot seat, looking for a way out. I tried everything; nothing worked until I came to God.

In fact, I probably would have lived my entire life oblivious to God’s Greatness if it weren’t for that motivation.

It is only by living in darkness that we understand the necessity of light.

Fight All You Want, I Won’t Go Away

Two people shadow boxing
Fight! by Jake Barnes used under CC license.

I myself pushed away sin for many years and it just kept coming back, more persistent than ever. And I certainly wasn’t making spiritual progress.

When I started therapy, I was afraid of speaking about my sinful self. What my therapist, a dear man named Jim Morris, encouraged me to do was write letters to it, draw pictures of it, and come into relationship with it.

Jim introduced me to the work of Carl Jung and I encourage people to read his work, like The Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious. He shared that I could push all I wanted and never make headway, because my sin was nothing other than an aspect of my own fragmented self, waiting to be healed and reunited with my true Self.

What a breakthrough!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that if you try to push yourself away, it’s just going to keep coming back. How can you push away you?

I began to understand the nature of my shadow self. When I stopped seeing it as something separate from myself, something to vilify and blame, that’s when the true healing and transformation began.