Someone asked me today:

What is the greatest hindrance to people’s spiritual progress?

Here was my response:

Everyone is growing spiritually. We all do it at different rates at different times in our lives.

Something that’s a real challenge for me may seem trivial to you, and vice versa.

Therefore, in order to support each other fully, we must strive toward a state of non-judgement about the growth of others, and ourselves. We must remain free from expectations, for others and ourselves.

This is the way to true fellowship through our Lord Jesus Christ and it applies to believers as much as it does to non-believers.

I like to share that we don’t know what God has planned for others, so free yourself from judging the spiritual progress of others or trying to hold the world up to your own spiritual measuring stick. The person you condemn today for not accepting Jesus as his or her personal savior may experience His love a year from now, five years from now or 20 years from now. You and I don’t know, so let’s stop judging.

Let us hold compassion for ourselves and others—whatever the experience or challenge we face.

Anyone who has children will understand this. You can’t force a child to grow. Each unfolds in his or her own way. So it is with God’s children, and we are ALL God’s children.

In His Love,

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